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Registration of User Account

User account can be opened by any person 18 + years. Data can be met for a person, but also for the company. All products and services can be made out to a person or company. Free franchise can only be made out to the person... Before You opening an account we recommend to carefully read; "Terms of Use & Contract" from the site!


Instructions - Account Opening

After fulfilling the required information, you will receive in your e-mail that you provided further instructions to register an account. If our offer is explained by the one of our already active users, you need to fulfill registration form through his franchise business website! With the registration via official website of WebDimension (Ltd.), your package will be registered at the one of existing active user (franchisee) in the company.


Duration of the User Account

On thirty days the user account is free and the user name is active. After that time you need to purchase WebDimension Start Packet on the 365 days to become an active user forever, or to register again on thirty days for free with the new term. After one purchase of the WebDimension Start Packet on a 365 days, all users have the unlimited time access to their office or account!

Notice for customers:

SMS Reports! To be able to receive all important messages from WebDimension (Ltd.), previously you need to activate the MMS service on your mobile phone with the help of your mobile networks. All messages with the reports from WebDimension (Ltd.) are free of payments.

We Guarantee! All the data that you entered in the registration form or you entrust them to us in the all of further cooperation, will be used solely for business purposes and to enter into your business office and will not be never in public.


For all further informations & questions, please contact us on email: [email protected]